70times1 Limited Acquired Authority.net

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Authority.net Domain

70times1 Limited Acquired Authority.net

Short Introduction:

Let’s face it, .NET domain names are almost never your first choice for end-users or even Domainers but some combinations are just a better fit with a .NET and some are just to good to pass up on.

Authority.NET provides domains aged from 15 to 20 years and up, great for SEO or VERY well matching domains with the .NET extension.

Example; If you are building a affiliate website for Amazon products you will be off with a much faster start using aged and keyword related domains, but in most cases the .COMs are much higher priced and .NET domains are treated the exact same SEO wise as the .COM.

Criminalrecord.net is one of the domains we have listed for sale, purchasing the .com for this name would cost you a lot more money. If your purpose is to build an affiliate website in this huge industry the NET would be the perfect choice.

Registered on 2002-03-19, over 18 years old and domain AGE is still a very important factor when it comes to ranking.

And if you look a bit closer you will find out that there are a lot of great affiliate programs for this, background checks, personal background checks, criminal record checks. When hiring a person you will want to at least do a criminal check.

Most if not all these services/programs charge a fee to reveal that information, which would be where your revenue is generated.

If your purpose would be building a brand for this domain you are probably better off with a .COM, and that’s us being very honest and straight forward.

Authority.NET is setup to provide you with the right domains and NOT just as the example above we also take a big aim at premium one word .NETs that fit with the extension.

Authority.net Domain

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