70times1 Limited Acquired Signatureshoe.com

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70times1 Limited Acquired Signatureshoe.com, prime domain for Shoe/Sneaker collector items. Since forever and even more so the last past years a signed shoe or sneaker can be worth thousands if not more.

Imagine your own online web shop for shoes with signatures from famous athletes, or you might already own a good collecting and this would be the perfect name for selling them online.

Check out this info graph below:

Full credits to Baller Shoe DB.

If you are a shoe or sneaker collector this is a great domain to have, plain and simple. The collector market on these  is a multi million dollar Industry.

If you have time just check out this video below:

There are a lot more Documentaries on this subject, so as you can see it is a VERY popular industry, and no outbound marketing has ever been done on this domain.

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