70times1 Limited Acquired Stayweird.com

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70times1 Limited Acquired Stayweird.com

Update Feb 15th, 2022: We have decided to develop the domain Stay Weird in a website that lists articles of all the weirdest things in the world such as Weirdest Animals or Weirdest Kitchen Gadgets and so much more.

The website as of writing this has around 30 well and unique quality written articles and social media profiles have been made on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. A lot more content will be added over time and we are hoping we are able to get good traffic going to this website and start monetizing this traffic next year.

The reason for saying one year is that SEO takes a lot of time, whenever you build a new website expect to get nothing in return for at least the first year but in some cases you can start earning in a matter of months.

This is going to depend on the quality of your content, The age and metrics of your domain name starting with a new registered domain name for example will take a lot longer for example.

The mission for Stay Weird

Our mission is to help you stay weird, and find out about some of the weirdest things that exists on this planet! We are hoping to entertain you with lists about all weird things. We will regularly update the website with more weird content to keep you excited about reading out website.

The world of full of weird things…

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