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We generate high quality leads and boost your online presence.

Quality Traffic

We never work with traffic sources that are known for bad quality traffic and we always keep the Advertiser in our mind.

Secure Networks

We only work with performance networks that are known in the industry and pay on time every time. No one-day wonders.

Global Lead-gen

70times1 does not limit it self to one country, we are able to generate eads for GEOs all across the world.

Welcome to 70times1 Limited Not your average Affiliate Clowns

We are a Performance Marketing company based out of Hongkong that generates thousands of quality leads per day in markets such as Mobile, Sweeps and Finance. We strive for quality traffic for a long-term relationship with your Advertisers.

We also love Domain Names and you can have a look at our entire portfolio on Visit

Facebook Marketing

Facebook traffic is the name of our game. Most of the campaigns we create are pushed on Facebook advertisements. This allows us to set the perfect targeting and drive endless high volume traffic to our selected offers.

With many years of experience our campaigns kick some serious ass and are unlike you have ever seen before. We don’t need spy-tools to come up with innovative fresh angles.

  • Targeted Advertising
    The Facebook advertising platform is one of the most advance platforms in targeting. Since Facebook is all about social interaction your targeting options are almost endless.
  • Brand Engagement
    People trust brands that have an audience and a great number of Likes, Comments, and Shares on social media platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram update. We connect new fans to your brand using social platforms and update your fans daily with news and promotions for your brand.
  • Website Analytics Reports
    Stay informed with our digital marketing campaign weekly and monthly reports on your website data, traffic, demographics, customer statistics, and much more.

Mobile Traffic

If your offer isn’t mobile friendly (response) you are losing a lot of potential income. Most of the campaigns we build are focussed on Mobile traffic with hundreds of successes to our name. From mobile apps, games to full blown mobile funnels, we got this!

In most cases mobile traffic has a lower cost but with a well optimised offer it will perform the exact same as desktop traffic, which is the exact reason we love the mobile industry. We also push our own in-house app portfolio so rest assure we know what we are doing. Compliance is KEY and solid back-end retention is a must for our mobile campaigns.

  • Strategy
    People now spend more Internet time on mobile than desktops or laptops and this number is only growing. Another great part about mobile traffic is that you have far more targeting options than desktop traffic, from different carriers to os types and much more!
  • Visitors
    While mobile visitors are often a lot cheaper to obtain you are have your product and website ready to make purchasing your product a lot more mobile friendly. We noticed a lot of products diving into the mobile market without having the right user experience for it. This is KEY when it comes to mobile visitors.
  • Customers
    Company owners that still believe mobile users are not buyers have been living under a rock. based on the millions of leads and clicks we drive each month it's clear that the new customers on this era are often mobile users.
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Our Properties

TV Hero Website

TV Hero published content from writers all around the world about your favourite or possibly your most hated TV Shows!

The TV Hero team loves watching TV and figured why not turn what we love into a platform (In reality just a simple WordPress blog, shh) where we can potentially reach thousands of other TV Show lovers with our sometimes horrible clickbait articles.
img Website

Few years after purchasing this we decided to finally develope this amazing domain.

Spying is a perfect choice for people who want safe internet browsing and overall digital safety. Focusing on the latest security tips and tricks, product reviews and so much more. This website is still under construction but expect something huge soon! (We also own the .net of this domain)
Coming soon

70times1 Limited is always looking to acquire or start new online properties, please get in contact.

70times1 Limited is always looking to acquire or start new online properties, please get in contact.
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